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Our Constitutional Rights introduces our civil liberties and shows how dramatically they shape our lives.

To help
secure the
of liberty
and score a
few laughs
along the

Our goal is to make our freedoms more engaging as kids research classroom assignments and adults follow the news of the day.

We use a mash-up of satire, clips from movies and TV shows, grabs from YouTube, blogs - whatever works to breathe life into the freedoms we enjoy.

The content has been reviewed by attorneys and scholars of constitutional law. They encouraged us to: a) go for it and; b) not ask too many lawyers for opinions. 

The Constitution is hotly debated. We discuss what's behind the huffing and puffing on certain issues. Included is a comments forum where visitors can express their own opinions. If Supreme Court justices can't always agree, why should the rest of us?

All editorial work has been contributed pro bono. Stock photos are licensed for unrestricted usage. Various elements are presented for nonprofit educational purposes under the Fair Use Limitations of U.S. Copyright Law.

Our Constitutional Rights wouldn't be possible without the talent and the generosity of:

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