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In Communist lands, the government owns and controls all the property.

You get to
own stuff.

In many Third World societies, peasants work on farms they will never be allowed to own. Poor people in cities may live in a house for generations but can't ever hold the deed. They can never get wealthy by owning their own property the way so many American families do.

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Our U.S. Constitution gives tremendous respect to property ownership. It's one of the oldest and most fundamental rights of a free people. In fact, there were times when only property owners were allowed to vote.

Our government can't take property for public use without paying a fair price. Or take it as punishment until after a fair trial and conviction.

So how come the government gets to take taxes out of your paycheck? They're way ahead of you, sucka - check out the 16th Amendment.







This is called eminent domain.
and less- developed countries.
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