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photograph of gavel
headline says public trial impartial jury
photograph of 4 young women in a lineupcaption say oh my god look at that ear jam
until proven
guilty...even if
your backpack
is loaded with

Let's say you've been indicted and you're going to trial.

Thanks to the Fifth and Sixth Amendments, you got some stuff going for you - powerful rights and protections that could keep you from doing time. (Although you should still be scared totally ----less.)

Even if you happen to be a serial murderer (nobody's perfect) and your crime is caught on video (forgot to
put a stocking over your face), and your prints are all over the place (idiot!), you're still considered innocent until proven guilty.

Empty chairs in a jury box

What's more, you can't be brought to trial in a federal court unless a grand jury decides there's enough evidence to indict you in the first place. Each state has different rules and protections. The military does too.

The jury that decides your guilt or innocence must be chosen from a cross section of your community. Minorities, women and left-handed vegans can't be screened out. The idea is you'll get a fairer trial if the jury doesn't look so different from you. Ear jam and all.



Grand juries are not public so innocent people are protected.
Officially charged with a crime.
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