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Declaration of Independence - Our Rights are a BFD
1st Amendment - Freedom of Religion
1st Amendment - Freedom of Speech
1st Amendment - Freedom of The Press
1st Amendment - Right to Assemble
1st Amendment - Right to Petition
2nd Amendment - Right to Keep and Bear Arms
4th Amendment - No Unreasonable Searches and Seizures
5th Amendment - Property Rights
5th Amendment - No Self Incrimination - No Double Jeopardy
6th Amendment - Right to a Public Trial and Impartial Jury
6th Amendment - Know the Charges - Have a Lawyer
7th Amendment - Right to a Jury in Civic vTrials
8th Amendment - No Cruel and Unusual Punishments
9th Amendment - Other Rights Not Mentioned
10th Amendment - States Rights
13th Amendment - Freedom from Slavery
14th Amendment - Citizenship and Equal Protection
15th, 19th, 23rd, 24th, 26th Amendments - Right to Vote
18th Amendment - Alcohol Prohibited | 21st Amendment - Prohibition Repealed
Article 1, Section 9 - Habeas Corpus
Supreme Court Ruling - A Right Not to Fight
Articles I, II & III - Right to Hold Office
Supreme Court Ruling - Sanctity of the Bedroom
Article III - The Supreme Court
Constitution text pages
Declaration of Independence Text
Constitution Text: Article 1 #1
Constitution Text: Article 1 #2
Constitution Text: Article 1 #3
Constitution Text: Article 2
Constitution Text: Article 3
Constitution Text: Article 4 -6
Text: Amendments 1 - 10
Text: Amendments 11 - 15
Text: Amendments 16 -20
Text: Amendments 21 - 27
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