They're a bfd.

headline says jury trial in civil suits
photograph of punky girl making nasty hand gestures


Your ex-bff
slaps you
with a bogus
Now what?

There are two kinds of trials - criminal and civil. If you're charged with a crime, your butt will get hauled into a criminal court.

If you're sued for not paying a debt or copping out on a lease with that wackjob (who knew?) you roomed with last year, your case goes to civil court.

If you lose a civil case you don't to jail, but you may have to pay damages to the plaintiff.

Either way, filing a lawsuit and spending time in court is about the last thing you want to do. You can't listen to tunes. Can't read stuff. Basically sucks.

When somebody sues you for more than $20, the Constitution gives you the right to a trial with a jury.

That's right, a crummy 20 bucks.

Photo of twenty dollar bill

Back in 1787 when the 7th Amendment was ratified, twenty bucks must have been like $20 trillion in today's money.

Now, just parking your beater at the courthouse costs more than that.





A person claiming damages in a lawsuit.
The face of the Statue of Liberty