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The Framers wrote using a feather dipped in ink. Writing the Bill of Rights must have been slow work. So they kept it short.

Just because some rights weren't written into the Constitution, doesn't mean they don't exist. That's what the Ninth Amendment is about.

For example, there's the Right to Privacy not mentioned in the Constitution. The Supreme Court has used privacy arguments to stop states from outlawing birth control and abortions. Legal minds have argued about Roe v. Wade ever since.

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The Courts have recognized the rights of the disabled, gay rights, consumer rights, rights to medical care and education, to form unions, protections in the workplace, rights of the unborn, the right to own weapons and even a right to be left alone.

Some Americans complain about "activist" judges who recognize more rights. Others gripe about "strict constructionist" judges who see fewer. Just about everybody seems to enjoy ragging on the rights other people claim to have. 





Legal cases have two opposing sides. The "v" stands for versus.
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