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Homer Simpson reaching for a Duff beer
Headline: Right to get sh**faced
We banned
booze and
had us a
that lasted
13 years.

Once upon a time, before the War on Drugs, there was a war on alcohol. "Prohibition" was created by the Eighteenth Amendment and went into effect in 1920.

Most amendments give rights to the people. Not this baby - it took rights away. And just like the War on Drugs, Prohibition didn't work as advertised. An experiment gone bad.

photo of a glass of beer

Organized crime made a fortune by dealing its illegal drug - alcohol. Mob wars broke out. Small-time punks went to jail, the big boys didn't. And still Americans kept ordering another round at their local speakeasy. Rent the movie "The Untouchables" some time and you'll get the idea of what went down.

It took 13 long, not-so-dry years for us to dump Prohibition. In 1933, the Twenty-First Amendment was ratified and Prohibition was repealed.

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Pina colada jello shots were still 60 years in the future.







Hidden joints that served illegal drinks.
The name used when alcohol was outlawed.
photo of statue of liberty wearing blue sunglasses