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Headline: "Know the charges, have a lawyer."
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You have the right to hear the charges and to question the people testifying against you. And you can subpoena witnesses to testify in your defense if it'll help prove that you're innocent. You can
plead guilty
or not guilty
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You also have the right to have an attorney defend you in court. For felonies, the government will appoint and pay for a lawyer if you're a little short on cash.

The police aren't allowed to beat a confession out of you.

But they can make you listen to Barry Manilow's Greatest Hits until you'll swear to whatever they want. People will say anything to stop torture - they often give false testimony.

 Witness with hand on bible.

That's why coerced confessions often get thrown out of court.

If you're arrested, you will probably be given a chance to make at least one phone call. Listen up, dude, do not use that call to order yourself a pizza.






A serious crime. Misdemean-
ors are less serious.
A legal order forcing people to show up in court.
Check out your parents'  vinyl collection.
photograph of the face of the statue of liberty