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If you want to start an argument, just say something about the Second Amendment. Its language is totally messed up. The American people have been disagreeing about gun laws as long as we've had guns.

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If you read the amendment one way, almost everybody has the right to carry an uzi almost anywhere, almost anytime. But interpret it another way and that right is based on your membership in a militia like your state's National Guard.

What makes things even trickier is that each state has different laws about background checks, waiting periods, right-to-carry permits, bans on types of weapons and ammo.

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Fair Use Copyright Limitations Apply

A responsible use of firearms - for hunting, sport shooting or self-protection - is a proud tradition passed from one generation to the next. But a 13-year-old hunting with her dad is different from a kid packing heat on a city school bus.

Some people promise to take up arms if our government turns tyrannical on us. But then who protects us from those guys?

There have been a number of armed rebellions in our history. They didn't have happy endings.

We have 200 million or more firearms in the U.S. and one of the highest shooting-death rates in the world.




Ruling without the approval of the people.
A military unit with part-time soldiers.
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